RJ Sullivan Reads from Gifts of the Magi

Another reading from GIFTS OF THE MAGI: A SPECULATIVE HOLIDAY COLLECTION, this one by R.J. Sullivan, reading from his entry “Blue Christmas.”

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Chris Reads From “Christmas Special” from Gifts of the Magi

E. Chris Garrison says:

“Christmas Special” is a modern fairy tale I wrote that bridges my Road Ghosts books with the upcoming Tipsy Fairy Tales. It stars Enid, who you may have met if you read “Spectral Delivery” early this year, and she’s joined by Gonzo and the Transit King, a jovial gnomish “fairy Godfather” who travels the straight tracks on buses and trades in favors owed.

I wrote the story as a part of the Speculative Fiction Guild’s charity-benefiting anthology, “Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection”. All proceeds benefit Indy Reads Books, an Indianapolis area literacy charity.


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Gifts of the Magi Book Trailer now live

We’ve been very excited about the buzz our first anthology release has received, but what’s a book these days without a spiffy book trailer to help give it a push?

Yep, that’s what we said, too, so co-editor R.J. Sullivan learned how to use a free slideshow program in a hurry, and, several handfuls of hair later, presented us with the following for your viewing pleasure.

Paper copies of Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Fiction Collection were dropped GOTM COVER FINAL100aoff at Indy Reads Books, so you can pick up your copy there or order yours online. A great Christmas gift! Available in Kindle ebook, too. All proceeds benefit Indy Reads’ adult literacy programs. Click here to see the dedicated page.

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Inconjunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention 2014 is being held on the east side of Indianapolis, this Fourth of July weekend! It’s an awesome local event celebrating all things within the speculative fiction realms. This year I’m attending as part of the Speculative Fiction Guild (SFG) and we’re hitting the con in a big way.


We’ll have a vendor’s booth with all of our titles, where we will be selling and autographing copies of our novels. Authors at the SFG booth include: John F. AllenMatthew BarronEric Garrison and RJ Sullivan. Directly next to us will be SFG member Crystal Leflar, who’s running her OWN vendor booth as event marketer for Nightscape Press, so check out their array of titles along with her own books.

Here is an itinerary of panels featuring SFG authors:

11 am–Indianapolis Ballroom D: SFG Writer’s Workshop: Point of View: Why it’s Better to Have One with the SFG: RJ, Eric, Matt, and Crystal, plus Rosemary Laurey

7 pm–Harrison Room: SFG Writer’s Roundtable: Making the most of local settings in genre fiction with the SFG:  RJ, Eric, Matt, and Crystal.

The WONDERFUL folks who throw Inconjunction (the Circle of Janus) has the SFG hopping in panels this year and we’re glad for it!


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